From Dustin O’Leary

On my drive home, I was listening to a CBC radio story about a young girl who was suicidal due to bullying on many fronts. She was asked what got her to the good place that she is in right now in her life and the girl said, “I was visited by Jessica Bowden from TNT Magazine and she gave me an outlet to express my opinions and show my abilities.” Obviously I am paraphrasing, but it struck me how amazing it is what you and your crew do every day. I will say that there have been times where I’ve seen something with a TNT presence and said, “Wow, what are they going to do next?” I don’t always get the method behind what you do and your ability interact with the teens but it works and as a parent of a little one, I am glad to know that there are people like you, doing what you’re doing out there. And, when he’s older, if he was ever having troubles and didn’t feel like he could get the support he needs at home, I really hope he’d find his way to someone like you.

— Dustin O’Leary, HRM Marketing and Communications Advisor