Re-gifting and Other Signs

Nothing is more confusing than not knowing if it’s over between you and the “Boo” of your life.

About 90% of you will see the signs, which will help you move along and possibly become friends down the road. The other 10% will hang in there until their heart is totally broken or until the signs hit them on their forehead. Stop, look and listen… Balance your heart and your mind… and know the signs!

She Says

You Know it’s Really Over When:

You notice the garbage collector wearing the scarf you spent six months knitting for “him!”

She suddenly announces she has “just the right girl for you!”

You discover he’s gotten an unlisted number and neglected to tell you about it!

He offers to drive the gang home, and you’re the first one he drops off!


He Says

You Know it’s Really Over When:

The song you’ve always considered “our song” comes on the radio, and she snaps it off and says, “I’ve always hated that thing!”

You start noticing how, lately, someone is always dropping in just when you think you’re going to spend an evening alone with her.

She starts introducing you to people as one of her “oldest and dearest friends!”

You hear giggling, whispering and slurping noises as she breaks your date on the phone.

The house is yours, the lights are low, the music is groovy… and she spends the night playing with the dog!

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