From the Editor — Thank You!

I want to take this time and give props to the thousands of teens who through surveys, interviews, community and school groups, helped Teens Now Talk Magazine create this dynamite site which will allow the creative talent of our teens to be seen!

Your fantastic input and ideas helped us develop the logo, concept and direction of your new teen website and magazine. Your creative short stories, poetry, spoken word, comic strips, art work and photography submissions, keeps your site real while providing a platform for all your views, concerns and questions to be heard!

All your hard work and support truly impacted the creation of Teens Now Talk Magazine, making it a Teen magazine, written by teens for teens, reflecting your thoughts, your views and your ideas. Finally a teen magazine you can call your own, a place to view yours and other teen’s creative work. A place where your words will give and receive support, a place where it’s ok to be carefree, curious, confused, considerate and companionate. A place where you discover “just what makes you tick” mentally, physically, sexually and spiritually as you journey to adulthood. A place where we are listening and a place where you have a VOICE!!!

We thank you for trusting in us enough to share your words as well as letting us journey with you on your road to adulthood. We could not have done it without you, so keep your stories coming to Teens Now Talk magazine, so we can show the world our future teen builders and leaders…YOU… and the positive messages and power TEENS have to WRITE THERE WORLD!

My hat goes off to all of you.

Thank You,

J. Bowden
– CEO of Teens Now Talk