Monthly Draws Until Contest Expires November 30, 2018.

You want your cell phone bill paid?  

YES, we said your cell phone bill paid! BUT, you must be in it…to win it (lol).

Here’s how to win!

You must…

  1. Be a teen to enter.

  2. Be registered with Teens Now Talk. It only takes one minute.

  3. Go to the Submit Your Work page and send us a 300-500 word typed essay, a poem or video telling us why “We should pay your phone bill.”  Important – your submission form must be correctly and completely filled-out to qualify.

  4. Once registered and submitted your “Why we should pay tour phone bill,” your name will be entered to win,+gain 1000 SMPoints

  5. TNT SMPoints – Social Media Points(TM) eligible for 4 months after the registration date. (More SMP info below)


Once you have successfully registered with Teens Now Talk, your name is eligible to gain SMPoints. If selected as the winner, these points will calculate the amount we pay towards your phone bill.

To qualify for additional “Pay My Phone Bill Please” TNT Social Media Points(TM), join our Teens Now Talk family today by following us on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag us @teensnowtalk.

What are the TNT Social Media Points(TM)?

Each time you create and share, send or post a unique message saying “Teens Now Talk “Pay My Cell Phone Bill Please” via your social media and mention and tag us, #paymycellphoneplease #teensnowtalk, you will start collecting additional points.

Share & Earn More Points: Mention, Share with your friends and tagged us, and you will receive a point. Each notification we receive, each time your post is viewed, and/or shared you will receive points.

Your points will add up to the amount we pay. Be creative!  Make sure your message stands out. Use your art, poem, rap, video skills and capture your viewer’s attention. Most importantly, make sure you tag @teensnowtalk #teensnowtalk #paymyphonebillplease.

lol, Too funny, Drake’s playing on the radio,  Hot Line Bling lol Ok, back to work, show us your writing, artist or video skills and we could just be paying your phone bill. #paymycellphoneplease

We will Call You On Your Cell Phone lol Stop singing lol


Your SMPoints

How to calculate your Pay My Cell Phone Bill  SMPoints:

  • TNT Registration form completed Notification –  equal 10,000 point
  • Joined Teens Now Talk Newsletter – equals 10,000 points
  • Every Pay My Cell Phone Bill  Please view on your post – equal 1 point per view
  • Every share of your Pay My Cell Phone Bil Please post – equals 5 points per share.

Example, if you are registered and join the newsletter, and you created a Pay My Cell Phone Please post, and you have 500 likes and 3 shares. You would have received 20,515 points. But as your post grow, so does your points.

 If selected, your total points will be calculated and then turned into dollars to be used towards paying your cell phone 

  • Example – every 10,000 points – equals $10.00
  • Post oftem and use as many platforms as possible.
  • Remeber to create and share your  “Pay My Phone Bill Please” with your friend’s and tag us.@teensnowtalk #teensnowtal #paymycellphoneplease 

Monthly Winners

We will Call You On Your Cell Phone lol

Winner will be contacted by phone or email and then announced to the world via our Newsletter, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all our social media platforms. The more your post, share and send the more chances you have to win!

  • The SMPoints collected will only be used to pay the winner’s cell phone bill *amount in part or full.
  • *The amount eligible must be showing on the bill for the winning month.
  • Winner’s name must be on the phone bill to qualify.
  • No cash value.
  • No Transferring of points.


Great,  you have an awesome idea for a Pay My Cell Phone Please post.
Now it’s time to start getting some point! 

Also, don’t forget you must be registered before you can submit your work. If you don’t have an account with us yet you will be asked to create one on the Submit Your Work page. Please make sure you read and follow the submissions guidelines. You must be in it to win it!

What are you waiting for!? GET STARTED and Good Luck!