Fashionista Corner By China Interviews Local Designer – tREv Clothing

Fashionista Corner by China by Fashionista Corner by China July 17, 2019

tREv© Clothing a name synonymous with Success.
Trevor Silver, the name of the Halifax Nova Scotia design, whose fashion is worn across the world.

tREV© Clothing Meet Trevor Silver
tREv© Clothing a name synonymous with Success
Meet Trevor Silver, the Halifax designs whose fashion is worn across the world

Several years ago, the CEO of Teens Now Talk met the young designer and loaned his something very special to help him alone the way. We are so excited to have China from Fashionista Corner years later, features Trevor Silver, currently in school studying management at Dalhousie while building the tREv© Clothing brand at every opportunity. What did we loan him? Stay tuned lol

Why did you start the clothing line?

My initial dream was to become a lawyer to help my community and be financially free; however, once I got there, I worked as an intern at a firm and realized I wasn’t passionate about the work.

The funny thing was that during that first year of law school I came up with the Balance Success design. It has balance scales with a dollar sign in one side and a heart in the other.

tREv Clothing featured in Teens Now Talk Fashionista Corner by China

Having that, I then just needed a logo. The tREv logo that I decided to use, I designed a few years prior to the brand.  I wore it on a necklace and many people were intrigued by it. So, I decided to go with that and tie it in with meaningful values that were important to me.

tREv Clothing featured in Teens Now Talk Fashionista Corner by ChinaFollowing my initial dream of becoming a lawyer has allowed it to shift into something I’m deeply passionate about.

tREv Clothing featured in Teens Now Talk Fashionista Corner by China

Now I get to create a quality product and providing something positive for people while working to create financial freedom for myself.

What does the logo mean?

tREv Clothing featured in Teens Now Talk Fashionista Corner by China  The logo is tREv my name and also now symbolizes the key principles for success that I follow: trust, Respect, Education and value. These principles are to be practiced towards ourselves and others to ensure success.

What message do you want people to get when they wear your line? 

tREv Clothing featured in Teens Now Talk Fashionista Corner by ChinaI want people to be and feel successful. I want people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. On their journey I want people to trust, Respect, Educate, and value themselves and others. I want people to spread positivity and work together. 

tREv Clothing featured in Teens Now Talk Fashionista Corner by China

  How does it feel to see people wearing your clothes?

It’s definitely one of the greatest feelings I’ve experienced in life. Seeing people wearing tREv Clothing gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I am grateful that people appreciate my designs. It goes to show that by trusting the process I’ve allowed my visions come to life. 

tREv Clothing featured in Teens Now Talk Fashionista Corner by ChinaWhat message do you want to share with our powerful Fashionista Corner by China youth readers?

I would advise anyone with an idea to pursue it to the end. There are going to be ups and downs, but choose to pursue a worthy cause that you are passionate about. Your passion will keep you going through the hard times.

 I find the hardest part for most people is indecision so I would say choose a dream! Something that you know can get you out of bed early. Something that excites you and something that will eventually pay off and allow you to provide for yourself and your family.

Whatever dream you choose, choose to dream big! Create big goals and choose to live a grand and limitless life because the more you have the more you can give and inspire! – Photos by Travis Devonport Visit Trevor Silver and see more great designs, go to  tREv© Clothing


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