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Being a Teen

In this generation, the world consists of two kinds of youth.

There are the ones who look to see what other teens are doing

and then there are the ones who pave their own road.

Part of being a teen is learning the importance of goal setting. By

each and every one of us setting goals for ourselves, there is no room

for a “gray area.” We either achieve our goals or we don’t. However,

achieving our goals isn’t the most important thing, it is the fact that

we learn to work harder in the process. When we learn to improve

our work habits it reflects on many other aspects of life as well, such

as school, our social life or even a part-time job.


So what does this all have to do with being different? When we

look at other teens, we sometimes tend to only see the “outside.”

We do not know what takes place in their life outside of what we see

and then we often try to imitate their goals and ambitions, expecting

the same sort of outcome. That is why when we put our own ideas

and dreams to work, it is easier to achieve our goals.

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