Push pin

The Fight To End Racism

The Black Lives Matter movement is a fight for equality. It is a fight to end racism.

A fight to protect future generations from experiencing the kinds of things we are seeing today.

Why do we have to see people getting bullied, hurt, or killed because of the colour of their skin?

Why do we have to live in a world where not everyone is treated equally?

Maybe this might seem like an unsolvable problem.

Maybe these stories you hear on the news might seem like a part of life.


Racism is not okay.

It is not ok to see some people being treated worse than others because of their skin colour.

To me, the Black Lives Matter movement is bringing us together.

It is showing, that we will not tolerate inequality anymore.

If you have a voice use it to fight to end racism.

If you can speak out, do it.

Together, we will end racism

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