Push pin

Being a Teenager

The greatest memories of your life, the good and the bad,
The rough moments and the easy ones too,
The peer pressure and gossip,
The laughs and love with your friends,
It’s all in the package from junior high to high school.

Times with the arguing and the tears,
Long nights with the parties and laughter.
The consequences are with you through every decision,
But through it your friends are the ones that keep you going.

Sleeping in until lunchtime,
Staying out until midnight.
Going to movies, malls and school dances,
Having the time of your life,
And being able to cherish every moment.

With the hugs and the giggles,
Piggybacks too.
Shopping and music,
And taking the bus,
Wherever you could.
From bibs to purses to downtown,
Growing everyday.

Learning and making mistakes,
As we grow wiser,
There are those memories to keep,
Of those days we thought would never end.

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