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Being Safe is Smart

Doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes is remarkably stupid. Life is a gift, so don’t take it for granted. Instead of making your friends upset, and hurting yourself, why not just talk about your feelings?

My father is sick and dying. Yet people are going around making their lives shorter and it’s not worth it. You may think it’s cool and it might make your friends make it more. But, life isn’t about looking cool, it’s about being yourself and not worrying about other people.

If they were your real friends, you wouldn’t be pressured to do those nasty habits. All you’re doing is killing yourself and shortening your life. Is that really what makes somebody cool? I don’t think so.

Being your own person and making smart choices is what is cool to me. You could’ve chased the future love of your life away by smoking and doing those terrible things. Other than that, by doing marijuana as prescribed is fine, just don’t abuse the privilege.

Summer Camps & Program Guide

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