Push pin

Boys, do I need to say more?

A lot of things in the world make me mad, but one of the most frustrating things is boys! (Come on girls, I know you just want to pull your hair out in frustration when it comes to guys.)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like guys and all but sometimes I just want to give them a reality check on how to treat a girl.

First, guys, you don’t — not under any circumstances, not even if it’s Miley Cyrus —should you flirt with your girlfriend’s friends. That is a big no-no.

Second, you don’t ask the girl out, then all of a sudden ignore her. Once I had a boyfriend who asked me out, but then completely ignored me for the rest of the week!

Third of all, and most important, is respecting her. Respect what she wants, thinks and does.

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