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Change is something that some people have a hard time dealing with. As we get older, our lives change. There will always be good and bad times. Yet when something bad happens, more than one thing always seems to happen at the same time. So we have to all learn how to deal with change.

Change is all around us. Let’s say you changed jobs and you realized you liked your old job more. You may feel upset for switching, but you can’t let this get you down. You must learn what you can from the job you’re in while looking for something else.

Now sometimes we all have to deal with a death in the family and that is a major change. I found that to deal with this, you must be open to talking about it and over time it will get better. Keeping the pain that you feel inside will just make it worse. You can’t get angry at everyone around you because it will just make things worse. Try to spend as much time as you can with the loved one before he/she dies. You will regret it if you don’t.

Change affects everyone in different ways. We each feel different emotions, some good and some bad, but we have to accept the fact that change is a part of life and we must deal with it in a positive way.

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