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Dandelion Wishes

The one true sight of summer I think

Are the mists of dandelion fuzz

That have detached themselves from the stem

And flown away into space, free as the wind

Sometimes on a bright, sunny day

When the clouds are fluffy and picturesque

I look up into the sky to see

The beautiful mist of dandelions

Floating on the breeze

And I think to myself that life couldn’t be better

And I wish on the dandelions that this time

Lasts forever.

But dandelions, they are jesters

And as they carry my wish on the wind

They blow it away like sea foam off a wave

And my wish disappears, for life goes on

Each day passes

With a whisper of the memory of my summer wish

The seasons go by and I dream of the dandelions

But as a circle has no beginning and no end

Time once again returns to my perfect life

And I gaze up into the bright sun-streaked sky

Watching the dandelion mist float above

Free as the wind

And once again I wish that I could lie here

Suspended in this dream of summer

Once again I wish upon the dandelions

As they fly where I can never go

And I hope that this time

This time

The dandelions take pity on my yearning soul

And the dandelions grant my dandelion wish

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