Push pin


I had never really thought outside of my circle of friends. I knew Hannah was a bit mean, I knew Lynsy was a bit judgmental and I knew Amelia was a bit of a snob. But what choice did I have? They were really cool and I had known them forever. I was lucky they even knew my name, let alone that I was one of them. It was on one cold Friday that I’d really realized what I had been seeing and even helping them to do. I was sitting on the bench waiting for their bus to come when a girl I had never seen before approached me. She was wearing tattered jeans and a weird coloured t-shirt. She wasn’t the dazzling model type, but she had a warm smile. “Hello, I am new here,” she said. “My name is Rachel.”

“Hello! I am Kylie,” I answered.

Then the bell rang, and she smiled and ran off. I joined Hannah, Lynsy and Amelia in the hallway. Hannah leaned over “Did you see the new girl?” she asked.

“What a loser,” said Amelia. Just then I saw Rachel walk by.

“Hey Kylie!” she cheered.

“You know her?” whispered Hannah.

“Umm, I – well. No,” I stammered, knowing very well I did.

“Kylie it’s me, we met this morning,” said Rachel.

“She doesn’t know you so beat it loser,” said Hannah.

Rachel looked like she was going to cry. She turned and ran. “Wait!” I called.

Rachel turned. “Guys, you don’t even know her, but I do. She is my friend,” I said, and I walked away with Rachel.

I knew very well what they’d say to me later, but in the end, I didn’t care.

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