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Words Will Never Hurt You

Words, it is time for us to open our eyes to how we are being treated. NO, let me reword that… HOW we are allowing ourselves to be treated!

I learned my lesson one day on how words can be so mean, hurtful and embarrassing that all you want to do is run away and cry.

We do everything possible to be someone’s friend and then they turn on you with their nasty words.

Words that attack your weight, clothing, color, body parts and even where you live.

Words they must have been holding back with anger for years. Then they come flying at you, covering you like paint splatter, making such an ugly picture and ruining a friendship.

Words they could not say when you were alone so, they waited until you were around your friends. Only to make themselves look good while they try to tear you down.

Words that make your “friends” freeze, laughing nervously, while the “I’m glad they are picking on you, not me” look jumps from their eyes.

Words and laughter coming at you from all directions and nowhere to turn.

Then I remembered something my grandmother said to me when I was little. “Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you.”

I found it hard to understand, but she was right. Name calling can’t hurt you! I learned that day that I do not have to be treated that way and no one’s words can hurt me unless I allow them to affect me.

If someone needs to use their words to hurt you, they are not really your friend and it is really them who are hurting. Usually, what they dislike about you is something they dislike about themselves.

So, I grew that day. For it was the day words showed me just how beautiful my red hair, big feet, tiny chest and chipped tooth simply complemented my knock-off label shirt worn by a poor girl from the other side of town.

That day, I chose to love me, all of me, instead of hearing their hurtful words.

So, words can never hurt you, but fear of loving who you are will.

Always see just how beautiful you are before other people’s words make you as hurtful as them!

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