Push pin

It’s Only an Age

No bills, worries, jobs or babies to give care.
We’re just in-between, neither an adult nor a child
With homework, drama, teachers and rules
The ages of 12 to 19, that’s where we fall.
Judged and assumed, teenager is our name.

This is who we are,
skilled individuals, don’t you agree?
Young adults is right, adults with different ages.
We’re no longer children, but you don’t know.
We’ll be here, and we will soon be you.

When we become 20, your perception will change,
Unfortunately, that’s not what we need.
We need people to respect and not judge.
Change is needed,
Age shall not matter, humans and age alike.

Where do we stand?
How do you see us?
Immature, silly, nothing can be serious?
Some teens are, and some adults are too!
The old saying stands, pick on someone your own size.

Seniors don’t judge you,
so why do it to us?
We are the future, how this world will form,
Next generation, full of your knowledge
Do not assume, next time lend a hand.

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