Push pin

Just B U

In today’s society, everything you do depends on your looks –

what people think of you, how popular you are, what you do, etc.

What people don’t realize is that in their own way,

All of them are special and unique.

Every person is beautiful and every person is different.

Being something you’re not is practically a lie.

Create your own style, do things your own way.

You’ll find your path in life sooner or later.

Don’t follow other people and do what they want, that’s no fun!

I see you the way you are.
You ask me if you’re ugly.
You still think you are.

While everyone around you sees it,
You seem to be blind to your own beauty.
We all know it’s true,
The only one to deny it is you.

Look in the mirror one day,
you’ll find yourself grown up.
A visit to me you’ll pay,
I’ll see you the way you are,
You’ll once again ask me if you’re ugly.
And you’ll think you are.

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