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My Teen Questions

My Teen Questions

There are a lot of reasons why teens can be stressed out.

– Teens can be very self-conscious and some don’t even like the

way they look. Others feel like they should look a certain way or

they try to dress how the celebrities and models do.

– A lot of teens get in relationships and sometimes they don’t

turn out so well. A break-up can really stress a teen out.

– Bullying is one of the most common reasons why teens are

stressed out. Either you’re too fat, too thin or something else and

that is hard on teens.

– Peer pressure is another reason why people get stressed

because some teens give in to it because they want to fit in.

– Teens can have problems at home. They can have family issues

or their parents are pressuring them too much.

– A teen can be stressed out and worried about friends.

Maybe they are worried about a friend that is hanging with the wrong

crowd, doing drugs or cutting themselves, which would really

cause a teen to stress.

– Some teens feel like they can’t be normal. Maybe they have

health issues, for example. Some can feel because of health

issues that they can’t do the same things as other teens can and

they get stressed out.


My Teen Solutions

Some people say when you get bullied, ignore it and it will go

away. But, that doesn’t always work. Sometimes you need to stand

up for yourself and having your friends around can help too.

When someone you know has a drug problem, the best thing to

do is confront the person about it. Drugs are very addictive, so

try to talk the person into getting some help and if that doesn’t

work, tell the person’s family. If someone says, “If you tell my

family, I’ll hate you” don’t let that stop you because although

they might hate you for a while they will thank you in the long

run. You could be saving someone’s life.


Being in a relationship can be a great experience, but break-ups

are hard to cope with sometimes. You just have to do your best

to move on. If he cheated on you or did something wrong,

then he’s not worth crying over, but I know it’s still hard not to

because when you love someone it’s hard to let them go. The

best thing to do is be with your family and friends and live your

life because there’s someone out there for everyone.


If you’re having family issues, the first thing you should do is

talk to your parents about what is stressing you out. If you don’t

tell them what’s stressing you out then they’re not going to be

able to help you solve the problem. If talking to them won’t

work maybe you should suggest some guidance counselling for

your family. Take control of the problem because if you don’t, it

probably won’t go away.


Peer pressure is a hard thing to deal with and some people give

In to it. If someone is trying to get you to do something, stop and

think about the consequences. Would you be putting your life

at risk? Could you get in a lot of trouble? Would you be putting

someone else’s life in danger? Would you be hurting yourself

or someone else?

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