Push pin


Today I heard about bullying on the news and I also heard it is killing people, like making them take their own life. I know someone that did that because of bullying. It is not fun when you are the one being bullied. I have been bullied in my past, but I know what to do about it. So, if you are being bullied, you should tell someone right away. Because someone could help you out. I think that when you are the one being bullied and it gets to the point you do not want to go to school or see anyone. You get in a mood where you think no one will help you out. But you are not thinking right! There are people all around the world that are being bullied and they do not want to say anything. BUT you and I both should do something about it that might make people think twice before they do something. Or say something that could hurt someone else to the point they do not want to go anywhere at all. So be the one and say a word about it. STOP BULLYING NOW. IT CAN KILL PEOPLE!

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