Push pin

The Sounds of War

Silence settles, as an ocean of sad faces stare
Looking down as the hard rain hits the muddy fields of anger
A single sound, breaking the barrier of war
A bullet in the heart of the world.

An empty echo, leaving the cloudless sky dark
The explosions beaming like a rising sun
The screaming of orders in the ears of many
The hearts and heads raised high in the final run of battle.

A lone child cries as the men run into a blood bath of devastation
Destruction rises through the clouds of smoke
Tears shed at the loss of many
The child in a man’s body sobs for the loss of the loved.
He sits, rocking, remembering the duty of war
The calling of angels to help carry on
The rage is done, the battle is over
Remember the veterans, the friends and family and the sounds of war.

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