Push pin

The way I see You

I look at you with your soulful brown eyes,

The tendrils of curls falling in your face,

The rain falling hard outside,

It is the night of your 15th birthday.

I serve the cake and we make small talk,

We are not as close as we used to be,

But still I feel as if you are my brother.

We met 10 years ago,

You had just moved in when you were four and it was my third birthday.

All of us clicked instantly, me, you and your brother.

Then you moved down the street and we slowly grew apart.

We shared the school, but not the time,

We were drawn to others, but not the same people.

We were, we changed, we grew, but we stuck together.

When I got hurt, you were there to defend me,

Now that we are older and got over that speed bump and connected again,

I feel as if we never grew apart.

To a new summer, new friends, a new confidence, new understandings, and of course, a new beginning.

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