25 Must Have Items to Pack for Your Hot Vacation in the Sun

Nava by Nava October 29, 2017

Let’s face it, how many times have you said: “Oh, I wish I had brought my…!”

Then you had to run to the store and buy a new one, or use a friend’s. The list below will keep you on top of your game whether you’re taking a weekend getaway or just CHILLAXING on the beach! Oh, and yes – they will all fit in you backpack or TNT Bag lol.

  1. Sunscreen – You want to eat lobster, not look like one!
  2. Gum – Fresh breath is mandatory for snuggling with your boo.
  3. Chapstick – Pick one with UV protection to keep your smackers safe and soft.
  4. Hair Clips – Or bobby pins or hair elastics, to keep the locks in line.
  5. Hat or Cap – Not because mom is making you, it’s all about the look.
  6. Swimwear – You never want to miss out on a dip with friends.
  7. Brush/comb – To tame the unruly ‘do.
  8. Personal Hygiene Pack – To avoid a wardrobe malfunction.
  9. Granola Bar – Trust me, you will be grateful you thought of it!
  10. Pen and Paper – Why are these impossible to find when you need them?
  11. Book – Nothing beats chillaxin’ in the sun or shade with a good read.
  12. Teens Now Talk Magazine – Did we mention a must-have good read?
  13. Hand Sanitizer – When you just can’t wash your hands.
  14. Hoodie – Or a cute sweater: hot fashion for cool summer nights.
  15. Lotion – After a day in the water or sun, your skin is thirsty too.
  16. Deodorant – Seriously, do we need to say this?
  17. Razor – Face or body, keep it coifed.
  18. Flip-Flops – So many styles and colours, and they’re flat to pack.
  19. Towel – When don’t you need a towel in the summer?
  20. Phone Charger – Avoid the horror of a dead device.
  21. Flashlight – Get a small one with a clip to keep on your keychain.
  22. Multi-tool – The guy with the Swiss Army gadget is everyone’s hero.
  23. Band-Aids – Be careful out there!
  24. Safety Pins – Did we mention wardrobe malfunctions already?
  25. Water Bottle – Need we say more?!

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