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Fitting In

People always ask themselves, “Do I fit in?”

But the real question is “Can anyone fit in?” No

one who is being their self fits in. Everyone

has something completely wacky or different

about them, and fitting in is throwing that

aside so you can be like everyone else. In

romantic movies, don’t guys always say “You’re

not like other girls.” Like, you might love to dip

your sandwich crusts in apple sauce, or every

night you might go on “Webkinz” even though

you’re 16. People are so focused on being like

everyone else that some of their personality

fades. What if the popular kids all started to eat

pig brains for lunch? Would you still want to fit

in? For a lot of people, they would say yes, and

that’s not right. People have got to realize that

no one is perfect, and that beautiful girl who

everyone wants to fit in with probably goes

home and eats hamburgers in sugar! The real

question is, is there such a thing as truly fitting

in? Because the only way that anyone can stay

true to who they are and what they stand for

is to be someone who is different. And that’s

when you truly fit in. Puzzles are made with

all different shaped pieces, and if you got a

puzzle where all the pieces were the same, it

wouldn’t all fit together.

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