Push pin

The Bracelet (c)

You are my best friend

An Inspiration, my shelter in a time of storm

I once borrowed your sweater for a dance,

You said it matched my outfit

I didn’t tell you but it fit too long in the sleeves,

Plus, it hid the bracelet you loaned me.


At the dance, certain people laughed and jeered

But I felt like a millionaire,

I felt like I was walking on air

Because your bracelet made me feel like my friend was there.


The bracelet, although held together

by string and friendship beads,

Made me feel special,

it was beautiful to me.


On the day I planned to return your bracelet

It fell apart in my hands

Devastation Is an understatement of how I felt

As I picked up each fallen bead

and place gently in a pan.


Knowing the time was getting closer for us to meet

With each footstep, your house was getting near

Just then I passed a store going out of business

And in the window, I saw a similar bracelet

Just sitting there.


So I bought two

One to give to you with this poem

And one to keep,

To remind me of my best friend


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