Stomp Out Racism Rally HFX-8-15-2020

by Rais August 13, 2020

'Youth are the heartbeat of change:' Stomp Out Racism Rally in HRM will regenerate the BLM momentum and uplift Black, Brown, and ally youth voices. Powerful event recap video below. (4:43 seconds)

Image…being surrounded by the sound of a multitude of drummers, beating for 8:46 seconds and when they stop, you have the opportunity to “Say Their Name” and honour all who have died and suffered the impact of racism… You will also have the power to make a change and Stomp Out Racism!

NOW, STOP IMAGINING!  You are invited to come and show your support!

Black Lives Matter – Stomp Out Racism Rally
Youth are the Heartbeat of Change
Alderney landing – August 15, 2020, 2:30 – 4 PM

Come show your support! Read about our speakers Be apart of our youth-oriented Black Lives Matter rally, as we ALL (Black, Brown, and Allies) come together in solidarity. CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE!

Teens Now Talk Black Lives Matter Pop Up Shop

I am NOT your threat, so why do I feel threatened every day?

“Together, we can empower the youth who are the heartbeat of our future and the generation that will carry the torch to Stomp Out Racism.” Jessica Bowden M.S.M.

Mark your calendar for August 15, 2020, 2:30 – 4 pm, to NOT miss this powerful youth-oriented Black Lives Matter rally entitled Stomp Out Racism, which is being presented by Teens Now Talk and =ITY (pronounced Equity) –Inspiring Today’s Youth Society and in partnership with Alderney Landing and Michaëlle  Jean Foundation. Black Lives Matter “Hold The Line” shirts that are making a local and  international impact across the world will be on sale at the event or you can pre-order and pick up at the Market – Teens Now Talk Apparel

TNT and =ITY have carved out an important space for today’s youth, with powerful drummers, speakers, and performers from various backgrounds and communities, to share and speak on racism & discrimination, mental health, education, and much more.

Listen, exactly! The air and energy is getting quiet, people are getting comfortable and thinking things are over.  We cannot go back to what they think is normal, because to us this equal death! This is when we must “Hold The Line” show up, speak up, and start the change. The drums playing for 8:46 seconds will be a wake-up call heard throughout HRM and through live stream, across the world!

Teens Now Talk Black Lives Matter Stomp Out RacismCoverage – Global News and A snippet from Aug 12, 20 The Chronicle Herald, Eight minutes and 46 seconds has become a symbol of police brutality and anti-Black racism associated with the killing of George Floyd, which sparked widespread BLM protests in the United States, Canada and around the world.” Noushin Ziafati

“That heartbeat should be heard across the water to Halifax, down the other end of Dartmouth. It’s the heartbeat of change,” said Jessica Bowden M.S.M., CEO and founder of Teens Now Talk and =ITY.

“And when the heartbeat stops, we give credit to those who have been victims of racism and we give ourselves the opportunity to move forward and make the change.”

In addition to drumming, the event will feature various keynote speakers, spoken word, dances and other musical performances. Bowden said it will provide youth a chance to discuss their visions for the future.

Special thank you’s to:

Drum Groups and Performers:


SPACE IS LIMITED 250 permitted in the main area   –  Wear your mask   – Practice Social Distancing

*** Youth are VIP – Teens Now Talk  encourage family with youth to arrive and be in line, NO LATER then 2:05 if they wish to be ushered to the front of line with parents.
*** All welcome to attend, MASK and practice social distancing is required.***
*** Pick up your Black Lives Matter merch and support locally owned Black businesses, in advance at the pop up shop at Alderney market or during rally.

Black Lives Matter HoodiesLocal Business spreads the message while helping youth in her communit. #Blacklivesmatters #BLM #teensnowtalk yBlack Lives Matter – Stomp Out Racism Rally Presented by Teens Now Talk In Partnership with Inspiring Today’s Youth Society (=ITY), Alderney Landing and Michaëlle Jean Foundation. Community support: Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW), Mayor Mike Savage Community Ad support: MP Andy Fillmore,  Dartmouth South – MLA Claudia 

Chender Dartmouth North – MLA Susan Leblanc, Councillor -District 5 – Sam Austin 

PS Let’s see if you read our post lol – Find 3-mistakes and follow us on all social media platforms and have your name entered to win a Black Lives Matter Hoodie. Winner announced at the Rally!

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