Stomp Out Racism Rally New Glasgow: Video, Speakers and Performer Bios

by Teens Now Talk August 30, 2020

Speakers and Performers New Glasgow

Terrell Borden Speaker at the Stomp Out racism Rally NG

Terrell Borden


Terrell will deliver a message titled: Succeeding as a Black Youth Growing Into a Black Man Against All Odds.

Terrell Borden, born and raised in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, is an alumnus of Dalhousie University who holds a Bachelor of Science (2015) with a major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a minor in Business, as well as a Masters of Business Administration (2019). Having worked in both the public and private sectors, Terrell enjoys challenging his own assumptions and beliefs and is a continual learner. He enjoys staying up to date on what is going on in the world, sharing his knowledge, and having intellectual conversations with others about past and current issues that affect his community.

Terrell is a firm believer in speaking up and leading by example. From a very young age, he recognized the need for black male role models within his community; therefore, his determination and subsequent success was and still is, fueled by the youth in his family and hometown. Terrell also understands the value of representation and the positive impact it can have on black youth across Nova Scotia. He lives by the African Proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” and accredits his community for molding him into who he is today.

Terrell strives to be an advocate for mental health in the Black community, in particular, amongst the young Black men. Currently, Terrell is employed with the Government of Canada, where he is able to build upon his passion for service excellence to clients. In his downtime, he enjoys spending time outside hiking and kayaking, hanging out with family and friends, as well as spending time with his dog Ruby.   Back to the full story

Doris GrantDoris Grant

A powerful community elder respected in the town of New Glasgow, will share her journey and the need to continue.

Dawn Peters Speaker at the Stomp Out racism Rally NG

Dawn Peters


Dawn is a social worker who has worked in the field of Addiction and Mental Health for 25 years and currently works with youth. She lives in New Glasgow and is married with two teenage sons. Dawn is a social justice advocate who in her free time engages in her community volunteering. She is also a Union activist striving for safe and fair working practices. Most of her community work has been with women and youth.

She was a key speaker at Take Back the Night marches and has performed at Silent Witness ‘Not So Silent Vigils’, and most recently spoke about the violent deaths of women across Nova Scotia at the Black Lives Matter Vigil held at the New Glasgow Police Department. She has directed social justice plays such as Slut, and The Vagina Monologues and has hosted numerous community conversations about gender-based violence and gender inequity.

Dawn is adamant that we need real change in our communities and is committed to the Black Lives Matter global initiative to recognize and eradicate racism both individually and systemically. She acknowledges white privilege and is working very hard to unlearn, evolve, and become a better ally. She believes Anti-racism work requires intentional consciousness of the impact of racism on mental health and the human spirit. Dawn will deliver a message titled: The role of an “Ally” in all of their spaces

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Ethan Francis - Honor Song at the Stomp Out racism Rally NG

Ethan Francis

Ethan is a passionate 13-year-old of Pictou Landing First Nation and will be sharing his gifts, passion, and culture with us by performing the Honour Song.

He is the son of Julianna MacLean and A.J. Francis. Ethan has three brothers and attends Pictou Landing First Nation School. A few hobbies he enjoys are listening to music, singing, reading, watching anime shows, and playing video games. Ethan is deeply passionate about his Mi’kmaw culture, language, and family. He enjoys writing songs and expressing himself through his music and his style.Back to full story

Lisette Sumbu aka Lily Rosaa

Lisette Sumbu Singer at the Stomp Out racism Rally NG

Lisette Sumbu aka Lily Rosaa is an 8th generation from Sandhill (Amherst) Nova Scotia. Lisette comes from a long line of musicians, entrepreneurs, and activists. She is an artist, author, screenwriter, singer/songwriter, activist, and community organizer.

Her revolutionary spirit is the driving force of her work.  Lisette will be releasing a children’s book series with a focus on life lessons in the near future. Known as Lily Rosaa on stage and performs with The Black Rose Project, a band to which she is a founding member; their styles vary from alternative R&B, with some blues and jazz notes.

Lisette will be sharing the gift of her unique voice on stage providing entertainment through personally composed music and song.

For more information and to keep up with Lily Rossa:@queenlilyro.  Back to the full story

Black Learners.  Back to the full story  

Brandi Medley, singer at the Stomp Out racism Rally NG

Brandi Medley

Brandi is a young African Nova Scotian woman who was born and raised in New Glasgow. She has been singing with members of her family since she can remember. Growing up in New Glasgow Brandi was always an engaging community member and freely shared her talents with her community. She performed at many schools and community events in New Glasgow and throughout Nova Scotia.

Brandi is a past member of the New Beginnings Ministries Praise team in Dartmouth, NS  another example of her compassion and commitment to humbling contributing her gifts for the greater purpose. Most recently, Brandi, along with her peers, initiated and founded the Black Lives Matter movements in Pictou County and is committed to social justice and change.

Brandi was recently a project leader in Pictou County providing 8 Care Packages that reached 130 Jamaican farm workers in Great Village.

Brandi will once again share her gifts freely by performing the Black National Anthem.  Back to the full story

Summer Borden, singer at the Stomp Out racism Rally NG

Summer Borden

Summer is a 24-year-old African Nova Scotian youth from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.  Summer graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Sociology.  For the past year, she has been a Residential Counsellor working for HCRS but has recently accepted the role of African Nova Scotian Student Support Worker with the CCRCE.

Summer is excited to begin her new role as Student Support Worker and believes it is important for our next generation and up and coming youth to have strong role models and support systems that encourage positive learning environments in the education process. Summer is a strong community youth who contributes to community building by sharing her talents and voice since she was a small child.

Summer will once again share her gifts with the community by singing the Black National Anthem at the event. Back to full story

Lauren Perry, speaker at the Stomp Out racism Rally NG

Lauren Perry

Lauren is age 29 of Trenton, Nova Scotia.

Lauren is a member of the LGBTQ community of Pictou County, and a supporter of Black Lives Matter. Lauren has experienced prejudices both first and second hand, from social interactions with peers to work-related incidents. He believes in fixing what is yours and facing prejudice and racism head-on no matter the situation. Lauren believes that a sense of community is important, that in order to have a strong sense of community you need to nurture the relationships that are straining or damaged.

Lauren believes you need to heal the ones who are hurting, and that is ultimately the goal.

Lauren will deliver his message titled The Truth About White Privilege and What You Can Do With It.     Back to the full story

Angela Bowden

Angela Bowden

Angela is an author, poet, speaker, and activist born and raised in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She is the proud mother of three sons. Bringing her lived experiences as an African Nova Scotian woman and mother,  Angela speaks and writes extensively about social justice and the emotional experiences of her people. She has delivered many speeches and performed spoken word at social justice and women-focused events and has published many articles and poetry reflecting African Nova Scotian’s experiences and pain. Angela is passionate about the anti-Black-racism activism she is involved in and has organized and participated in many events that challenge the injustices in our communities and systems.

In December 2019 Angela delivered a powerful TedxTalk at Mount Saint Vincent University titled: Dear Black Woman, Let’s Talk About Healing. In her talk, she acknowledges and validates the generational trauma of Black women and the importance of healing from the decades of trauma that strength and resilience have normalized, buried, and silenced.

Angela is a 2020 Alistair McLeod Mentorship participant with the Nova Scotia Writers Federation and has completed her first manuscript, UnSpoken Truth which has been accepted by Pottersfield Press for Spring 2021 publishing.  Through her writing, Angela seeks to inspire and empower black women, men, and youth to identify and heal from generational wounds initiating a movement of healthy living. She also seeks to create a deeper understanding of the larger community of allies of the trauma and pain that Black people have suffered and have been carrying for centuries.

Angela will share both her passion and gifts as a poet with her community. Back to the full story

Wayne Reddick-Desmond

Sharing a powerful message of hope and pride to the youth of his community.

Born and raised in the African Nova Scotian Community of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, the Vale Road is where Wayne refers to as home.  Wayne is the son of  Wayne Desmond Sr and Joy Reddick-Desmond and is a younger brother to Kieshia and an uncle to Ashton.  ” I take great pride in knowing that I have the ability to make a change,” says Wayne who takes pride in his family and community.

Wayne is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University class of 2020, with a major in Criminology and a minor in Sociology. Wayne has been accepted as a current student of Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law and is a recipient of the 2020 Verna Van Bommel Community Mentor award.   Back to full story   

Morgan Gero, speaker at the Stomp Out racism Rally NG

Morgan Gero

Finding Your Path; Navigating the Obstacles of Education and Success as Young Black Learners.

 Morgan was born and raised in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, and is an educator with the Strait Regional Centre for education. Morgan has always been involved in education, starting out as a peer tutor and a Site Coordinator for the BEA CAEP, to being a student support teacher, a grade 5 classroom teacher, as well as directing a youth African drumming group in the Antigonish area.

A graduate of St. FX with a Bachelor of Arts and Education, Morgan is currently completing her Master of Education in Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.

Morgan will be sharing a message titled: Finding Your Path; Navigating the Obstacles of Education and Success as Young Black Learners.  Back to the full story  

Chalaya and Mya Ambersley

Chalaya Ambersley, Reader at the Stomp Out racism Rally NGMeet to powerhouse young ladies, Chalaya who is twelve and Mya who is ten

Chalaya likes to paint and play sports. The sports I like to Play are softball, volleyball, and basketball. She also enjoys playing games with her siblings, watching movies with my family, and enjoy hanging out with my friends. Chalaya is an avid reader and active in community activities. She has participated in many cultural events, alongside her sister Mya.

Amaya aka Mya for short. enjoys petting animals, playing games,  horseback riding, and playing sports, such as swimming and gymnastics. Mya, like her sister,  is active in community activities and has participated in many cultural events. Both Chalaya and Mya will be reading a very special story. Back to the full story  

Crystal States speaker at Stomp Out racism

Crystal States

Crystal States is the Regional Educator with the Black Educators Association of NS – Northern Region. In addition to education, her training in Community Economic Development from the Atlantic CED Institute/New Hampshire College, coupled with Community Leadership Development, Institute for Transformational Leadership – Ottawa, has enabled her to work with the community on a range of projects including needs/resource assessments, family, community, parent and youth workshops/ seminars and advocacy work with individuals from marginalized groups.

Over the past 20 years, she has attended and presented at the National Alliance of Black School Educators conferences throughout the United States. As a community advocate, she is associated with numerous committees and boards. Community Education and Development is and continues to be her passion and vocation in life.  Each One Teach One!. Back to the full story  

jessica Bowden stomp out racism rally

Jessica Bowden M.S.M. – Stomp Out Racism Coordinator 

U R Your Destiny!

You will learn from your mistake, gain from your success, and share with others once you become the scholar of your destiny. Jessica Bowden M.S.M.

 Jessica Bowden M.S.M. At A Glance  – CEO – Publisher Teens Now Talk Magazine  /  President – =ITY / Inspiring Todays Youth Society.  / International Inspirational keynote Speaker /  Personal Development Facilitator, International Professional Model & Wardrobe Consultant

Bowden’s unprecedented accomplishments over her 35 years created opportunities and paths, where none existed for thousands of youth. Providing key tools to assist in building confidence, encouragement, and inspiration to help teens and their curious parents navigate through the difficult years.  Jessica’s gifts and talents for translating youth and adults’ opinions, needs, values, and concerns into practical tools and programs for achieving positive self-worth and personal power have been demonstrated time and again.  See some of the powerful youth events: Turning Passion into a Profession    /  Annual Passport 2 Youth Success XPO

  • 2020 – 2nd -Nominated for the Order of Nova Scotia (cross fingers)  /  2018-19 Teen Choice Award  /  2017 Nominated for the Order of Nova Scotia
  • 2016 Meritorious Serves Medal Award by Governor-General David Johnston in Ottawa   /   2014 The Justice Minister’s Award for Leadership in Crime Prevention
  • 2013The Progress Women of Excellence Award for Innovator and Entrepreneur   /   2013 – Inducted to the W.P. Oliver Wall of Honor Black Cultural Centre, recognition for the outstanding contributions to the youth and communities.   /   2013 HRM Volunteer Award   /   2012 – Hope Success and Empowerment Award – First Female, African Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canadian to receive the prestigious Hope Success and Empowerment Award presented by the previous recipient and Former Governor General Michaëlle Jean in Ottawa.
  • 2011 – Recipient of the prestigious Hali-Award, recognition for the outstanding work with youth in the HRM and nominated by youth.  /   2011 ** Bullied Teen accredited Teens Now Talk for saving her life – speaks on CBC Radio

Since 2011, Teens Now Talk is the Halifax base, a six-time award-winning magazine that gives youth the self-confidences, encouragement, and inspiration they need to navigate those difficult teen years. Written by teens for teens, respected by parents, and used in classrooms by educators, Teens Now Talk has become a powerful platform for teens to help each other with real teen issues. Our goal is to directly connect today’s youth with the key people, places, and things that will assist in their personal, social, educational, career development, and success. We invite you to be seen.

Contact Jessica Bowden M.S.M.  –   I   902 492-2474 ext.1   I  902 830-0900

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