The Environmental Report October 2017

by Enviro Ethan October 5, 2017

With the current environmental crisis plaguing our planet, many issues have been cause for so much disagreement among environmental activists everywhere.

Environmental crisis plaguing our planet
Todays teens raising awareness about global warming.

Today’s youth are also concerned about the environmental crisis plaguing our planet.  Among the most infamous are global warming and the energy crisis.

One disastrous result of global warming is the decreased number of polar bears and other Arctic animals. The warmer temperatures have led to the melting of ice caps, forcing the animals to have to transport themselves farther in order to reach safety.

To help combat this, be conscious of your day-to-day activities. Riding bikes and walking from place to place have quickly become popular modes of transportation because of the alarmingly high prices of gas, and this is a great step in decreasing carbon gas emissions.

The lack of cheap energy has caused politicians, activists, and people everywhere to ask for alternative places to drill. Although Canada may not be as reliant on foreign oil as our southern neighbors, the United States imports 70% of oil from overseas resources.

These environmental issues have had horrible effects on our earth. Hopefully the tips you learn from the Think Green N’ Think Global section at Teens Now Talk will help you better understand what you can do to Help!

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