Positive Outreach Transforming Society (P.O.T.S.) Community Art Project

by Enviro Ethan August 9, 2018

P.O.T.S ~ Art is a great way to encourage community engagement by bringing people together and sharing ideas of what community means to them.

The P.O.T.S. Project is brought to you this summer by a team of six students from the Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies Program at Cape Breton University.

Taking place until the end of August 2018 and is reaching the communities of Halifax, Dartmouth, Sackville, Annapolis Valley, New Waterford Cape Breton and Corner Brook.

The P.O.T.S Project uses art as a tool to build community engagement.

  1. The team is asking youth at camps and in the neighbourhoods of our communities to participate by painting and designing flower pots based on what community means to them.
  2. Next, we are also engaging the youth by asking each of them what places and organizations they would like to see their pots in the community.
  3. Then, we will use the suggestions provided by the youth to help us determine where the pots will go. After the youth paint the pots, the project team will plant flowers inside and take them to their new homes to be proudly displayed around our communities for all to see

The Teens Now Talk had the opportunity to hang out with Chase and some of the youth participants from the Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre and witness some awesome painting skills. Everything was provided for the youth from to use, from the acrylic (non-toxic) paint, cups, water, brushes and yes the pots. The youth smiles say it all. See MORE PHOTOS

Engaging youth in art has been shown to be beneficial in many ways including, self expression, problem solving, flexible thinking, empathy, negotiation and compromising skills, says one of the P.O.T.S. Student leaders Chase Valiant.. By being a part of transforming their community into an enjoyable space, we hope to encourage youth to experience a sense of belonging and respect for their community that they can carry forward as they grow up.

Art is a great way to encourage community engagement by bringing people together and sharing ideas of what community means to them.

With much appreciation from the student team of the P.O.T.S. Project, Chase Valiant, Morgan Deveaux, Troy MacLean, Kaleigh Kingsbury, Olivia Meredith and Megan Burggraaf , thank you for supporting this summers community action project in our shared communities! Want to know more or how you can get involved? Contact thepotsproject@nullgmail.com

Keep your eyes open for these beautiful pots over the summer throughout the cities, and if you see one click to SEND US your photos – so we can share with the world the beauty of P.O.T.S and Art.


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