Project Comfort & Memory Blankets

by Emily Educator September 4, 2018

Cheyenne Hardy teaches children how to make a Comfort Blanket in Kenya

Cheyenne Hardy, a 17-year-old from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, traveled to Kenya to teach and while there, share her knowledge on making a Confort Blanket.

Cheyenne’s time winds down in Kenya and before leaving the breathtaking landscape and tucking the many adventures in and out of the classroom inside a secret place in her heart.

Cheyenne wanted to do something to give back to the community for being so welcoming to her.

The community where Cheyenne has been teaching is one that has been hit hard by AIDS and HIV. People die and it is hard to know what to do to help, especially when you are just children.

So, she decided to take some of the donation money that was given to her here in Canada to purchase material and other supplies to show the children at her school how to make Comfort Blankets.

All communities experience death no matter where you live in this world. Love, faith and death, that is what connects us all.

Whether someone has died from violence, a health condition, malaria, AIDs, etc…. we all know someone whose heart is breaking because they have lost a loved one.

And it is very hard to find a way to make them feel better, and it is hard as a community to heal.

Cheyenne wanted to bring this project to Kenya to show the children that even though they are young, they can come together as part of the community and make a difference in someone’s life.

Making these blankets is a way for the students to feel like they are doing something out of love. Cheyenne wanted her students to know that they actually can come together, make these blankets in memory of someone who has passed away and present it to someone who is grieving.

It won’t make their pain go away, but it will show them that their loved one mattered, and the community is there for them.

The students and the teachers were so interested in this project And there is talk that it will be extended to the churches in the area and beyond as well!

 Read more about Cheyenne’s Trip to Kenya.

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