by Juliette Dehenain October 30, 2017

We want to show you the world through the eyes of our youth visiting and now living in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada.

Name: Juliette Dehenain

Languages: French, Dutch and English

Horoscope: Aquarius

What country were you born in?

How long have you been in Canada?
Two months. I’m in an exchange program and I’ll stay five months in Halifax in a host family for the cultural experience.

What’s one thing you found different when you came to Nova Scotia?
The size! Here, everything is big: the fridge, the store, the peanut butter jar, the burgers. It’s crazy.

What else is new to you in Canada?
The law. In Belgium it’s 16 years old to drink alcohol and 18 to drive. Here it’s the opposite! It makes a big difference in the teenager’s mentality.

What is the time zone difference?
Five hours.

Do people here dress differently than in Belgium?
Yes! Here you can wear what you want. If you come in sweatpants or yoga pants at school, it’s normal! In my country it’s forbidden at school. Teens also have a lot of piercings, tattoos, dyed hair. The fashion is totally different.

What is your favourite Belgian food?
French fries with mussels and Belgian chocolate for dessert.

What food do you like and dislike here?
I love poutine, it’s so good. And the pancakes with peanut butter are awesome! I dislike root beer, it has the same taste as cough medicine.

What’s your favourite sport?
I love dancing and skiing!

What is your favourite class in school?
The free period.

Who is your favourite singer?

What message do you have for other youth?
“Whatever you do, it will be insignificant. But it is very important that you do it. Because nobody else will.” – Gandhi.

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