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Hali-Cares Fashion Extravaganza

January 31, 2018

Teens Now Talk Hali-Cares Fashion Show Extravaganza 2

A Blast From The Past! 2010 Fashion Show

It’s All About Fashion and the Braggin’ Rights. Many people think teens are going through a STAGE, Jessica Bowden believes every teen wants to be on STAGE lol Our stage is open to all height, weight, shape, sizes, nationality, and sexuality.  As you watch the video, watch the youth faces, their smiles and the acknowledgment for some their dream has come true.

Teens Now Talk took fifty youth whom never modeled but had dreamed of being on stage and trained them to rip the runway. The training they gained and the lessons they learned will help them build confidence and define and set goals. One of the shows trademark scenes is the Raggs 2 Riches(c) this is where youth show their creative ability an design show-stopping outfit. Keep a close eye open for these throughout the video!

The SOLD OUT event is held on Mothers Days and one of the grand prizes is a Diamond Ring. Guest can choose between Regular and VIP seating but no audience member is safe from possibly being called on stage to strut their stuff lol

“You can see the confidences and fun melted away the fear these youth must have had.  The audience was fully involved and there was never a slow moment. A show like no other and I cannot wait for the next show.” Mrs. E Young

Their smiles, heighten self-esteem, and confidences these youth show throughout the event, weeks and months after…. proves… youth are not going through a stage…just want to be on stage…Be seen, Be Heard, Be the Voice of their future. Bravo and Great job to all the youth involved! Remember, always follow your dreams. Jessica Bowden

Stay tuned for another awesome Hali-Cares Fashion Extravaganza, fashion show event packed with Stars & Fashion. The selection process will begin shortly, Register on website to ensure your name is entered.

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