Friendship Feels and Family Deals…

When guys say this to a girl... When guys say this to a girl...

When guys say, “You look like something is wrong,” they really mean, “I have a hug for you if you need it.”

When guys say, “What are you wearing?” they really mean, “I’m glad you don’t pick my outfits.”

When guys say, “Lose my digits,” they really mean, “It’s over. I found someone else, so stop calling me.”

When guys say, “My friend really thinks you’re cute,” they really mean, “Wow, you’re hot, but I’m afraid you might reject me!”

When girls say this to a guy... When girls say this to a guy...

When girls say, “Do you want to go to the mall?” they really mean, “I need you to carry my bags while I shop.”

When girls say, “Are you sure you’re over your last girlfriend?” they really mean, “Next time she calls you and I’m there, tell her that in front of me!”

When girls say, “Give me some room to breathe, will ya?” they really mean, “Can you spell stalker?”

When girls say, “You look hot!” they really mean, “I’m stoked you’re holding my arm when we walk the school hallways.”

When parents say... When parents say...

When parents say, “I’ll be back in an hour,” they really mean, “I’ll be back later on.”

When parents say, “Thank you for the day at the spa present,” they really mean, “Yeah! Free for a day.”

When parents say, “I’m only telling you this for your own good,” they really mean, “You’ve been warned, I’m not going to bail you out.”

When parents say, “Honey, maybe you should focus more on school and less on your boyfriend?” they really mean, “Find someone who will respect you like the queen you are.”

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