Disrespect and Other Signs

Nothing is more confusing than not knowing if it’s over between you and the “Boo” of your life.

About 90% of you will see the signs, which will help you move along and possibly become friends down the road. The other 10% will hang in there until their heart is totally broken or until the signs hit them on their forehead. Stop, look and listen… Balance your heart and your mind… and know the signs!

She Says

You Know it’s Really Over When:

Some other girl is wearing the ring you gave him.

He starts to disrespect you or call you names.

He only looks bored and miserable when he’s around you.

He no longer calls or comes around.

His mother tells you to stop calling the house.

He Says

You Know it’s Really Over When:

Your best friend is now her boyfriend.

She stops crying and asking for you to come back.

She moved away and you found out from your friends.

She burns all the photos with you in them.

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