The EX and BFF Dilemma, and Some Words to the Wise…

Nothing is more confusing than not knowing if it’s over between you and the “Boo” of your life.

About 90% of you will see the signs, which will help you move along and possibly become friends down the road. The other 10% will hang in there until their heart is totally broken or until the signs hit them on their forehead. Stop, look and listen… Balance your heart and your mind… and know the signs!

She Says

Be My Baby Mama?

When we were dating, my ex-boyfriend, out of nowhere said to me that if I loved him, I would have a child with him. What kind of sick statement was that? Did he think you could pluck a baby from a tree? Who was he trying to impress because it sure isn’t me!

First of all, we were both 15 and still in school. Second, how did I know I wanted to be with him all my life? Third, how could I bring a baby into the picture to look after when I was still learning how to look after myself? Fourth, I was too young and I didn’t have a job or career – and neither did he!

I don’t think he understood that making babies doesn’t make you a man and you must grow and learn to love yourself before you can share and show your baby love. Don’t forget about having a career to pay for the baby’s needs. The more I think about what he said, the madder I get! If he loved me and was secure with himself, he wouldn’t have said what he said. To me, a baby mama means you’re the mama raising the baby by yourself and he takes credit and could walk away.

Word to the wise…
With what he said, he has issues. I’m glad you’re steamed up over this and sharing it with other girls who can be pressured into this idea of “prove to me you love me.” It is your life that would have changed, not his.

He Says

You Got Mail!

My ex and I have remained great friends after the breakup, but her best friend keeps texting and emailing me about going out for a date. I never told my ex because I don’t want to hurt our friendship, but I would like to date her friend.

Word to the wise…
Stop and think before you reply back, for you may very well lose two friends with one push of the send button. If you’re a true friend, share with your ex how you feel and see if she knows that her friend likes you. This will also let her know the type of friends she has. Once things are talked out, it could be cool or become very sticky. But it’s best if this comes first-hand, rather than from some school ground gossip outside.

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