Relationship Demands and Some Words to the Wise…

OK, nothing is more confusing than not knowing if it’s over between you and the “Boo” of your life. Now 90% of you will see the signs, which will help you move along and possibly become friends down the road. The other 10% will hang in there until their heart is totally broken or until the signs hit them on their forehead. Stop, look and listen… Balance your heart and your mind... and know the signs!

She Says

How many fish are in your tank?
I don’t get it! My boyfriend says we are great for each other, but then he turns around and says, “Don’t be spreading we’re together with all your friends.” When I ask him what’s going on, why he’s acting funny and why all those other girls are blowing up his phone, he says, “You’re the one I want. These other girls are just friends.” All I could do was walk away thinking that was pure crap. If he’s disrespecting me, then what is he doing to the others?

Word to the wise…
Girl, if these other girls are just friends, then there is no reason to hide your relationship. Something smells fishy here. Listen to your gut because it’s screaming at you right now! What he could mean is he’s not looking to get caught by the other fish he’s swimming with.

He Says

One day only
I like watching football on Sundays and my girlfriend likes to take long walks and hold hands. We always get into arguments because she wants to do this on the one day I want to simply watch football and chill. I told her I am open to any other day and would gladly walk, talk and hold hands, but on my sports day — no way. Besides, if I gave up my day, she’d be happy and I would feel like crap. Well, you guessed it, we stopped talking for over a week and I’m starting to feel bad, like it was my fault.

Word to the wise…
People have a way of not speaking to you as a way to make you feel guilty for something you didn’t do. Lol. It’s old and overrated. You sound like a romantic guy from Monday to Saturday and if your Sunday was discussed, then you have no reason to feel bad. If she can’t find something to do on that day with friends, then she can chill with you… and maybe she’ll learn the game and have a great conversation during halftime. If that’s not good enough, then this is her issue, not yours. The key here is everyone needs to respect each other’s space and time.

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