Cheating and Jealousy, and Some Words to the Wise…

OK, nothing is more confusing than not knowing if it’s over between you and the “Boo” of your life. Now 90% of you will see the signs, which will help you move along and possibly become friends down the road. The other 10% will hang in there until their heart is totally broken or until the signs hit them on their forehead. Stop, look and listen… Balance your heart and your mind... and know the signs!

She Says

Is that D&G?

You know when you have the feeling your boyfriend is cheating on you, but you can’t prove it? Or perhaps you ask him some questions or share with him how you’re feeling and he gets defensive really quickly and makes you look like you’re losing your mind? This was the case for me. I found that everything I said, he made it out to mean I didn’t trust him. This would then start an argument. One day after school, he arrived at my door with lipstick on the back of his ear and stunk from another girl’s D&G. Without dropping a tear, I looked into his eyes and before I knew it, I started laughing and said, “Hmm, I smell D&G. We are Done and you are Gone.” Then I slammed the door.

Word to the wise…

D&G, I love it. They say the best defence is a good offence. So, if the tension is high when your conversation hits a sore spot, it could be because they need to take the heat off of them and place it on you. And if they are cheating and making you feel bad for even thinking of it, then they are winning and they will continue to cheat while you stay home learning how to knit. Your gut will never steer you wrong. It talks to you and tells you what to do.

He Says

What’s up with “Am I the only Girl!”

I am a very social guy who is involved in lots of school groups and sports. These activities involve meeting a lot of people, having meetings during lunch or hanging out after school for practice. Lately, my girlfriend has been nagging me to drop my extracurricular activities and spend more time with her. She says, “If you love me and I am the only girl, then you will hang out more with me in school and walk home with me.” I have never given her any reasons not to trust me and I try over and over to explain it to her. I have also invited her on several occasions to join some of the groups I’m in, but she always turns the invitation down. I spend most of my evenings hanging out with her, but I’m so close to being done! I hate the way she tries to makes me choose and how she tries to make me feel guilty so that I will quit what I love to do.

Word to the wise…

Well, it sounds like there are some jealousy and/or dependency issues going on here. If you do quit the things you enjoy to please her, you will be miserable, angry and resent her for taking away things you like to do. If she wants to be the only girl, then it’s time for her to start showing you some support from the sidelines if she’s not willing to participate. I feel it’s unhealthy to stop the positive things you enjoy doing to prove to another person that you love them. What will be worse is to have your teen life revolve solely around one person every second of the day. Yes, there are choices everyone must make in life, but when it means you end up losing and feeling miserable, then you should take a hard look at the situation.

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