Push up…Push Out.

All day I kept saying to myself, “Don’t freak out. This is your day,” until finally, my nerves started to calm down and I screamed, “High school is over. This is my day.” I waited my whole life for this day…my school prom. I spent hours looking for the right shoes to match my perfect dress, which belonged to my mom and looks so beautiful. I booked my hair appointment and even had my nails done. Then I slipped into my beautiful vintage dress. It was a bit big around the breast area but nothing was going to ruin my evening – “I’ll just add a little pushing up in my bra to make my dress fit perfect.” So I added the old favourite “toilet paper trick.” I entered the prom and felt like a princess. Everybody loved my dress. Then it happened…No one told me tissue doesn’t always stay in place. There I am dancing on the floor and some guy hands me a roll of tissue. To make matters worse, a piece was still hanging from my bra. I took the tissue and tried to pass it off like I had it to wipe my forehead, but just then he looked down and my eyes followed. One side of my dress was oh so embarrassing flat.

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