Scared in Sackville

Push pin

Dear Diva

My friends are skipping classes and going to one of their boyfriend’s houses. They want me to come along, but I’m scared of getting caught and my parents would kill me if I did.  So, what should I tell my friends?


Dear Scared in Sackville

Dear Diva Character

Dear Scared in Sackville

Focus on your dreams and you might find different friends. I sense you’re trying to impress some people but your gut is telling you to impress yourself first. The fear of getting caught sometimes puts the fun into doing something you know is wrong, but your conscience kicks in to make you stop and think first. Now, if your conscience could speak it would say “Party over here… education over there.” Which one will give you a degree, a great career or an opportunity to find a cure?! You are your future; the choices you make today will be your tomorrow.


~ Diva

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