One Assumes We Know

MasterPeace by MasterPeace October 30, 2017

As youth, we sometimes take things for granted.

We can feel we are deserving and entitled and at times we are looked upon as the super generation, fully self-destructive or plugged in and that we should know everything because we come from the age of fast technology. Because we are youth from a different generation, we need the knowledge and the connections of our history passed down.

As youth we at times appear to not care when we walk past the man or women dressed so heroic in their uniforms passing out poppies in the mall. November 11th is a powerful day, those who fought are getting older or passing away.

As youth we may not have been told the full story behind the poppy, never heard someone in our home recite In Flander’s Fields, never been told our great-great-uncle or aunt fought in the war. Never had to memorize the poem in class to get a mark, never saw another cry over the lost, never visited the monument that holds the names of thousands who died so we may live.

As youth we must take time to find out and understand the meaning lest we forget, appreciate those who died so we can be free.

As youth we sometimes take things for granted, as youth one assumes we know.

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