Spoken Word Piece: “Community”

MasterPeace by MasterPeace November 30, 2017

What's up peeps!? Check out my new piece I like to call "Community", by yours truly, da one and only MasterPeace

I sit in a familiar spot
The ocean that carried ships to protect our country years
ago to my right
Rusty discarded buckets for water fights to cools us down at night
Concrete molded into stairs, slanted support walls and multicoloured
shingles to my left
A stray brown and white dog I snuck into the house, then pleaded
to keep as a pet
I hear familiar sounds
The voices of mothers yelling their child’s first name
Letting them know it’s time to come in
or she’ll come out and deliver some shame
The laughter as people sitting on their three by four porches
having an outdoor barbecue
The silky sounds of Al Green streaming from their windows,
People walking in and out of the house dancing and refilling their
glasses and the closer you got to the excitement, it took no words
but one look and you knew, go home child, this is no place for you.
I smell familiar scents
The sweet smell of food, boiled ham, baked chicken and macaroni,
old-fashioned thick dripping caramel candy apples, five cents each,
lined up in the window for kids to buy
The yummy smell of strawberries stewing for jam, baked candy
yams and fluffy cinnamon apple pie
I see unfamiliar changes
The smell of food has turned into the dark scent of insecurities, lack
of confidence, fear and stress replacing laughter, silence sounds
of tears robbing smiles and snuffing out the glimmer of hope in
one’s eye, parents losing their children, children becoming parents,
schools closed and turned into condos and the best one yet, the
only local grocery stores closed and turned into liquor stores.
Youth forced to enter another community away from their security
to learn, parents forced to spend money outside their community,
youth scared but putting on a brave face as they enter new turf,
parents fearful of the journey their youth must take, youth seeing
the concrete haven called home turning into a mountain of steel
with a distinctive line where one could afford a BMW and the
other if lucky a bus, the water which protects our country being
pushed to the limit with new construction alongside an old
basketball court.
I stand and see the missing connections to what was called home
and yell, how can one expect a child to succeed without the key
seven elements that make up a community?

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