You want What?! Online Sexting & Bullying.

Chikako by Chikako October 29, 2017

What are teens really saying?

Kara: Hi Jen, I just heard someone was trying to intimidate you when you go online, what up with that?

Jenn: Yea, they send me some nasty e-mail talking about GNOC and TDTM and then had the nerve to try and talk all sweet while pumping me for my digits. Please…TTTH!

Kara: What!

Jenn: Yea, the pervert thinks he should get a prize because he asked me RU/18 or if I was S or G..Please! , he or she or whoever it is posing as my friend… really should GAL!

Kara: Yea, GNOC and have half the world see it, no thanks, ILNRM2M to have my name and rep ruin

Jen: Girl, your name is all you have! Can you imagine applying for a summer job and or going back to school the next day and half the school seen your face and a whole lot more. WUWT!

Kara: But was so whacked is your even hearing about boy/girl friends pressuring you to SDL and send them something to remind them of you and at the first sign of a break-up they spread your “what they say is secret” sexting photo along with hateful comments to all there friend and you’re the one looking shameful and nasty.

Jenn: DGMG on that issue, FTEO, yea right, you walk around with the long term shame while they send to thousand and receive the short term fame!

Kara: Straight up, if the person cares and respect you they will never ask you to do it, and more importantly, if you respect yourself SID and avoid the WOS.

Jenn: Well, I reported their IP address to the police, and other teens should do the same thing if this is happening to them.

Kara: Girls, go for you! People are getting away with too much online. TTYL

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