by Lil' J August 11, 2017

Teens have long pushed the boundaries of spoken language, now we are pushing the boundaries of written language.

Remember the Internet and online communication is very real for us, it’s part of our culture. We don’t see it as a technological revolution… it is us teens who are making it a revolution.

Throughout my research, I read how parents and educators are trying to keep up with computers and high-tech gadgets only to discover we teens have jumped FTASB to another level. This is not done to offend or keep parents or teachers in the dark, this is mainly because we teens have adapted to the old as E123 and our brains are hungry for more knowledge. Then again, this is just one way we communicate… one way we are raised to communicate.

To all the parents out there: believe me, we need your protection when online but DBEYR. FSR, some believe we teens are online 24/7, ESEMED… that’s… hype. People must think we DGA. I personally enjoy doing my sports, hanging out with my friends and, when I get a free moment, jumping online to say “heyyy” FTFOI to everyone. Sure, we are the generation who can text or type faster then we can speak… we are a generation creating a new lingo and style of writing… and yes, we are the generation who’s very aware abbreviations won’t fly on final exams or job application, lol.

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