Codes: It’s a Sign of the Times. Lol.

by Chikako October 23, 2017

I can’t tell you who first invented codes but they were a way of communication dating back to the caveman.

Today, we teens are born into a faster way of communicating, making multi-tasking between socializing, listening to music and doing homework while online second nature to some.

For me, it’s just become natural to use the codes when I chat, mainly because most of the time, I’m too lazy to type the words out fully. I understand online codes can look and become confusing for some to understand when first starting…and some parents are a bit uncomfortable by the lingo, but the secret is in learning the language. That’s right, it is a universal language, which is taking over the computer world.

I feel if we teens teach our parents the codes they will be less defensive when we are on the computer, more supportive of our way of communicating and equipped with the tools to protects us online. Besides, they taught us our ABCs — the least we can do is teach them the CODES.

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