Teens Now Talk by Teens Now Talk October 29, 2017

What are teens really saying? Check out these common codes below to find out!

WOS – Walk of shame
143 – I love you
WCA – Who cares anyway?
182 – I hate you
PAW – Parents are watching
A/S/L – Age, sex, location
Noob – Newbie
P911 – Parents coming in room
FTEO – For their eyes only
SID – Shut it down
TTTH – Talk to the hand
A3 – Any time, any place, anywhere
GNOC – Get naked on cam
TDTM – Talk dirty to me
RU/18 – Are you over 18?
SLAP – Sounds like a plan
E123 – Easy as one, two, three
GAL – Get A Life
CYL – See you later
CYM – Check your mail
CYO – See you online
SDL – Show da luv
DGMG – Don’t get me going
LMIRL – Let’s meet in real life
FWB – Friends with benefits
YBS – You’ll be sorry
S or G – Straight or gay
ILNRM2M – I love and respect myself to much
KPC – Keep parents clueless
FTFOI – For the fun of it
DYHAB/G – Do you have a boyfriend/ Girlfriend?
WUWT – What’s up with that?
TTYL – Talk to you later

Favourite Codes submitted by youth.
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