Upping Your Fashion Game on a Budget!

by Francesca Fashionista October 17, 2017

10 Below 0…

Let’s face it, it gets cold in our neck of the woods and we need to make sure we look good and warm going to and from school. There is no big secret to this, you can spend big bucks OR you can first go have fun rooting through bins and the thrift stores. You will be surprised by the great deals you can find and the money you can save.

We all know about Throwback Thursday — think throwback 70s, 80s, and 90s! Big hair, miniskirts, jumpers, large sweaters, big scarves, bomber jackets, and high boots. If you find a biker jacket when you’re looking, awesome! It’s a MUST this year—especially with your comfy jeans and boots

$aving a Buck Wherever you Can…

Clean out your closet. YES, you might find things you forgot you have and can now be new again. Have your basic items in your wardrobe that can last season per season!

Thrifting. Being a walking billboard for name brands is becoming a thing of the past. You are in control of your image and you do not have to go broke for one name brand. Instead, have fun thrifting. Look around and find great deals, create your style and make your flavour your name brand. Don’t be ashamed to shop thriftily; one person’s trash is another person’s gold!

Trends. Come on, this new trend is out and you just have to have it right? Wrong! Trends come and go just like your money. Besides, with your head in the books, you didn’t get as many hours at work, which means less cash for you to spend. You can wait until that new trend goes on sale. The best questions to ask yourself is: Where will I wear it? When will I wear it? And how often will I wear it?

Sale! Sale! Sale! Find a store that has great sales! These pieces will help give you more outfits.

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