My First Car Purchase By Teen Reporters Extraordinaire

Emily Educator by Emily Educator January 8, 2019

CARS-R-US, one of Atlantic Canada’s top 101 companies is helping youth with their "My First Car" experience.

Purchasing your first car can be nerve-racking if your an adult, can you imagine how stressful it can be if you’re a youth!

Have no fear, some of our TNT teen reporters Rachel Decaire, Kyheem Dixon Bowden, Holly Iceton and Amy Hogan are here to help fill in the blanks.

So, before you start dreamin’ and thinkin’ your ballkin’ like a celebrity. Wake up! We want to bring you key information to consider when buyin’ and ridin’ your first car. Plus tips to bring you back to reality when it comes to the money and maintiance required, says Holly.

Each youth reporter had the opportunity to walk into the hottest car lot in Lower Sackville, Cars-R-Us,  conduct interviews with their friendly staff and sit in a sweet Raggtop Corvette, Honda, and Solstice.

Readers, the below Cars R Us interview sections, will be unlocked weekly:

Also,  we’ll share some key advise from Sales Manager Shawn Kent and Tony Forgeron in the sales department.

We’re not done lol Some youth went to the service department to interview Service Manager Chris Salmon. Bringing you great tips on how to maintain a car. Yes, they even got their hands dirty lol

It didn’t stop there. Once they wipe the grease from their hands, they met with Business Manager Jamie Williams and discussed money. Let’s just say, they realized money does not grow on trees lol.

And finally, they made their way up to the boardroom to meet and speak with the CEO behind this empire, Mr. Gary Shea.

Up first, sales manager Shawn Kent and Tony Forero speak on what to look for when purchasing a car. CLICK HERE to read the interview.

Youth, remember everyday we impact the sales of the car industry, directly or indirectly. We hope you find some helpful tips throughout our interview. This opportunity was awesome and we hope our experiences will help you as much as it helped us,” says Kyheem.

Enjoy using your $500.00 off coupon on your first car at Cars R US. Tell them some awesome teens sent ya! 

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