My First Car – 5 Tips for Car Maintenance 

Emily Educator by Emily Educator September 27, 2018

CARS-R-US, Service Manager Chris Salmon shares his "Top 5  Car Maintenance Tips to the first-time teen buyer to secure a positive "My First Car" experience.

Sales guru Tony shows youth under the hood

Purchase new or used?

“If you decide to purchase a vehicle from a car dealership vs. private sale, be sure to ask for a CARPROOF or CARFAX report to make sure the vehicle has not been in a previous accident, or that the current owner still owes money on a loan for the vehicle,” says Business Manager Jamie Williams.

“Take a trusted friend or relative with you when making your purchase as they may think of things to ask that you have not thought of,” she adds. “Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the excitement, which of course it should be. It is an exciting purchase!”

What questions should you ask if you’re buying a used car?

  • Ask for the CARPROOF report. Reputable car dealers will give you one. Most pre-owned vehicles have a scuff or scratch of some sort. If it has $200–$500 worth of minor dings, it’s not too big a deal as long as the price reflects that. But if you see a major ding against the car, look to see if there is any structural damage so you don’t have problems down the road.
  • Ask for maintenance records.
  • Ask where the car came from.
  • Ask if it has been serviced.
  • Ask if it was a leased car return. A lease/return is a good way to go because you know the car has been serviced. Leases are typically still owned by the manufacturer, so the maintenance should be up to date.

5 Tips for Maintenance

Once you buy your car, you’ll want to keep it running safely. Service Manager Collin Salmon offers these tips:

  1. Check your brakes! Test them to see if they feel smooth.

  2. Check the tires at least once a month. Under-inflated tires burn more fuel.

  3. Check the fluids. Fill up your power steering, brake and transmission fluid, plus engine oil, anti-freeze/coolant and, of course, windshield washer fluid.

  4. Check the belts. Hot summers can be hard on your car’s belts and hoses. Inspect them for any cracks, more than a slight flex when tugged, and hoses that are too soft when squeezed.

  5. Check the tunes — it’s time to go ridin’ in your car!

Collin’s suggestion for used car purchaces: Buy an extended service contract! That way an expert will regularly check your car to make sure it’s safe and ready to go!


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