My First Car – Sales Team – What 2 look 4 when buying a car

Emily Educator by Emily Educator September 16, 2018

CARS-R-US, Sales Manager Mr. Shawn Kent & Tony Forgeron provides purchasing tips to youth to secure a positive "My First Car" experience. By Teen Reporters Extraordinaire.

Purchasing your first car can be nerve-racking if your an adult, can you imagine how stressful it can be if you’re a youth!Have no fear, some of our TNT teen reporters Rachel Decaire, Kyheem Dixon Bowden, Holly Iceton and Amy Hogan are here to help fill in the blanks.

What should you look for when purchasing your 1st car?

“If I was a customer looking to buy a car, I would check to see if it’s a reputable dealer,” says Shawn Kent. “Check to see if they have a mechanical shop so you know they are going to service what they sell. Check the building itself: Does it look like it’s going to roll away on wheels? If it does, you probably don’t want to buy a car from that dealer.”

How do you know if that car is right for you?

“A lot of people come in and right away they know what car is right for them,” says Tony Forgeron. “They get the warm fuzzies, as we call it. Some other people get into a vehicle and know that’s not the right car for them.”

“One of the questions we ask our customers when they come back from a test drive is ‘What do you rate that car out of one to ten, says Tony?’ If they say two or three, then really, that’s not the car for them. Other times they come in and say ‘That’s a ten, that’s my car!’ Sometimes you get that feeling and you just know that’s the right car for you. You get the warm fuzzies.”

Teens Now Talk Teen Reporter, Kyheem Dixon Bowden share Cares R Us interview tips about My First Car

How do you know the car is worth as much as you’re paying for it? Does the salesperson see teens and think, “They are a quick sale”?

The best way to find out if a car is worth what you’re paying for it is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK,” says Shawn. “Go online, research the same model car, same year with the same kilometers. If you see a similar car in that similar price range, it’s a good chance that the car is priced at an fair market value Doing your research before you make that purchase could save you lots of dollars. The salesperson will know you know what you want, and there is less chance of them steering you into a car they want to sell. Rather, you will have more control on getting into the car that’s a good car for you.” Photo Credits – Photos by MasterPeace, Imron Mathias and Holly Iceton.

 Before buying a car DO SOME RESEARCH!

Tony’s Tips

  1. Make sure you buying from a reputable dealer. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Ask around and ask your parents.

  2. Think about what your needs are. Are you looking for fuel economy? Are you looking for something comfortable? Are you looking for something sporty?

  3. Weigh out those things that you want. Then try to get an idea of your price range or payment range you want, depending on if you plan on financing.

  4. You should always try out two or three cars. Even if there’s a car you know you want, do your homework and have two or three cars picked out. Try all those cars and see what fits well, what feels better for you.

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Sure, we see awesome cars and say we want that, says Rachel Decaire. but today I learned saftey is first when buying your first car.

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