My First Car – CEO reveals the best car for the 1st-time teen buyer 

Emily Educator by Emily Educator September 16, 2018

CARS-R-US, Sales Manager Mr. Shawn Kent & Tony Forgeron provides purchasing tips to youth to secure a positive "My First Car" experience. By Teen Reporters Extraordinaire.

We said it once, twice and we will say it again lol Purchasing your first car can be nerve-racking if your an adult, can you imagine how stressful it can be if you’re a youth! Have no fear, some of our TNT teen reporters Rachel Decaire, Kyheem Dixon Bowden, Holly Iceton and Amy Hogan speak with CEO Mr. Gary Shea to help fill in the blanks.

That Car Is Calling My Name!

OK, today’s the day and you’re ready to buy your first car. You feel like a kid in a candy store as you walk through rows and rows of shining cars.

You find it hard to choose because they all have your name on them. You visualize yourself driving down the street, music blasting in your new rag top and the envy of all your friends.

Then you wake up — LOL — knowing it’s way out of your budget. Your mind starts readjusting the budget and rethinking ways to make getting this car a reality.

We asked Cars-R-Us CEO Gary Shea for some questions to consider so you don’t have your dreams smashed.

“Take a trusted friend or relative with you when making your purchase as they may think of things to ask that you have not thought of,”  “Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the excitement, which of course it should be. It is an exciting purchase!”

 Affordability is the most important thing when buying your first car

“We get you here at Cars-R-Us,” says Mr. Shea. “We want our first-time youth buyers to be able to enjoy the experience of owning their first car instead of being worried about how they are going to pay for everything. There’s no sense having a car if you can’t afford to run it. You’ve got to break things down and see what works. Most people have a parent to help them out and come to an agreement to pay for the car and upkeep.”

Amy Mr. Shea and Rachel posing after interviews

What kind of car is good for a first-time buyer?

“A small car that is easy on gas and that is dependable is the best,” says Mr. Shea. “We have those cars here at Cars-R-Us! We have a clearance centre where we have good used cars that we check over that go through the same process and inspection as new cars. I would suggest Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla or a Kia.”

 What is a good price range for a youth’s first car?

“You can get a good car for $5,000–$6,000. For first-time buyers, that car is ideal, and you can find those cars here on our lots,” says Mr. Shea.

“First-time buyers can’t get financing unless they have their parents’ consent. Most pre-owned cars don’t have warranties, but with Cars-R-Us, you get a 30-day warranty. After that, the costs are on you and that’s something you have to talk to with your parents before buying your first car.”


Mr. Shawn Kent sale manager from Cars R Us

Teens Now Talk Teen Reporter, Kyheem Dixon Bowden share Cares R Us interview tips about My First Car

6 Things to Consider:

  1. How are you paying for the car? With your money, your parents’ or do you need to get a loan?
  2. Do you have any money saved up for a down payment?
  3. If you are paying by yourself, do you have a job so you can afford your car payments?
  4. Do you make enough to also pay for insurance, cost of registration, licence plates, taxes, gas, and repairs when needed?
  5. Can you pay off the car loan in four years?
  6. Can you afford to have a mechanic check your car before you buy so you don’t wind up buying a lemon?

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I am ready to go looking for my first car,especially after doing this interview. I  feel confident  and will ask tons of questions, says Amy Hogan.

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