Halifax Dancing Cop & Mr. Stop The Violence Bust the Moves For Charity

by Lil' J September 6, 2018

An afternoon of dancing and laughter helped build a stronger connection between police and communities.

Witness the hosts of Halifax Parade Square Dance Party, “Halifax Dancing Cop” aka Const. Jordan Sheppard and Quentrel Provo aka Mr. Stop the Violence bust the moves.

“We are here today at the Halifax Parade Square Dance Party, because of many,” says Quentrel Provo aka Mr. Stop The Violence.

I have seen a video of the “Halifax Dancing Cop” aka Const. Jordan Sheppard dancing and wowing the crowd on the popular downtown Pizza Corner in Halifax. (Video below) I immediately had the idea to have a dance party.

After connecting Const. Sheppard and then sharing the idea to have a dance party to bring the community together Const. Sheppard was all in.

“I loved the concept, says Const. Sheppard and when Quentrel reached out to me to help give back and to connect with the community in such a positive way, that meant the world to me.”

The three popular dance moves that had the crowd screamin’ and Jamin’:

  1. Drake – In My Feelin,
  2. Silentó – Watch Me
  3. Backpack Kid-Flossin,
  4. Oh, Dance party next year is the plan and if you’re comin’ you might want to learn these moves. see videos below lol

A Powerful Give-back Component

The dance party had a give-back component, whereas people attending would bring school supplied for school children says Quentrel. Hats off to the powerful organizations who came out to support us, Teens Now Talk for their donations and their teen volunteers as well as Metro Care and Share staff and volunteers who helped with the set up as well as collected at least 7 large bags of supplies and donations.

Over one-hundred people showed up to witness and join in with the Dancing Cop and Mr. Stop The Violence as they both bust the moves. View more Photos

This event was an afternoon of laughter, dancing, community building and collaboration to enhance the betterment of our youth future, says Jessica Bowden CEO of Teens Now Talk and founder of =ITY Inspiring Today’s Youth Society. We had our StompOut teen team come to help and assist in any way possible. Truth be known, they spent more time dancing than working lol StompOut

After a hot hour of dancing under the scorching hot sun with tons of smiling and dancing fans. We asked each to describe the event in one word.

Busting a move Awesome, says Quentrel, because then the parents and kids attending seen that the police officers, you know, are human too and they’re just doing their job.


Outstanding says Const. Sheppard, anything we can do to engage and bring our communities together is a win/win. This movement is bigger than us,  and next year it will be bigger and louder.

Hats off to you Const. Sheppard and Quentrel Provo, for making an idea reality. See you again next year.

Most popular dances during the event, check them out. Now if your up for another challenge, SEND US  a video of you doing ONE OF THE DANCES BELOW and we will post in our next community video.

Silentó – Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) 

The Backpack Kid Flossin

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