Gossip Talk and Talent Shock…

When guys say this to a girl... When guys say this to a girl...

When a guy says, “Well, I’ll think about it,” he really means, “No, I just don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

When a guy says, “Maybe you should check your rep,” he really means, “Peeps are talking about you behind your back.”

When a guy says, “Where is your boyfriend?” he really means, “You’re cute, I want to see if you’re single.”

When girls say this to a guy... When girls say this to a guy...

When a girl says, “Don’t you think I would look great on your arm?” she really means, “I’m giving you a chance to ask me out.”

When a girl says, “I like a guy who can take me to nice places on a date,” she really means, “Tell me, do you have a job?”

When a girl says, “Stop talking about your past relationships,” she really means, “I can’t date you because then I will be on the chat-about list too.”

When teachers say... When teachers say...

When teachers say, “Is this the best you can do?” they really mean, “I see potential and you’ll be staying after school until you see it as well.”

When teachers say, “Your mark is low and I know you have so much talent,” they really mean, “Now would be the time to start showing your greatness.”

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